Defenders of the Cove pt 1

Yuji watched Eldest Brother as he pawed through the tankards that hung from his belt. Each rang with a hollow clunk as they clattered together until he found one that had not been completely drained. The tankard disappeared in his massive hand, his eyes never leaving the treeline even as he took a long drink.Continue reading “Defenders of the Cove pt 1”

Bushido – Use Your Resources

Every tabletop game has some “cost to play.” I’m not talking about the initial purchase cost, but the in-game currency that you need to spend for something to happen. Most games have a primary resource and several secondary resources. In Magic, mana is your primary source, while Life and even your deck/hand are secondary sources.Continue reading “Bushido – Use Your Resources”

Bushido: The Dangers of Preconceived Notions

Even if you’ve never played a tabletop game before, when you play Bushido the first time, you’re bringing in preconceived notions. Whether its from movies, history books, fantasy novels and shows, or video games, certain words and phrases conjure thoughts, strategies, and ideas. When you hear “Charge” a certain image pops into your head. ItContinue reading “Bushido: The Dangers of Preconceived Notions”

Bushido: Minimoto Profiles – Blacksmiths, Bears, and Special Cards

Blacksmiths Hauru Another model that confused me when I first jumped from Jung. He’s the “Leadership” Model, but he’s only 10 points? Coming from the leaders being the most expensive model, I couldn’t immediately see his role. He also suffered from me overcompensating on constantly hearing about Minimoto’s resilience. No armor, no tough, just 7Continue reading “Bushido: Minimoto Profiles – Blacksmiths, Bears, and Special Cards”

Bushido: Minimoto Profiles – Ashigaru

Ashigaru  Coming from Jung, whose models offer a wide variety of flavor and alter the options on the table, I struggled with the Ashigaru in Minimoto. Each one felt too similar to the last. I’m coming around to them, as Minimoto are more about consistency as a whole. They are meant to be similar, withContinue reading “Bushido: Minimoto Profiles – Ashigaru”

Bushido: Minimoto Profiles – Samurai

Yuji The very definition of a tank, Yuji is one of the toughest models to kill in the game. He can prolong an engagement with just about any model and rarely has a problem disengaging. I fell into a trap early on coming from Jung. I saw the armor and the higher attack stats andContinue reading “Bushido: Minimoto Profiles – Samurai”

Bushido: Jung Profiles – Themes and Lists

Themes Black Sails – The best starting spot for people getting into Jung, Black Sails is vvery forgiving. An extra activation and ki on every successful Sidestep Defense helps get the most out of your kaizoku. It also lets you run Samemiman and Kanimiman in theme so the cool looking models that caught your eyeContinue reading “Bushido: Jung Profiles – Themes and Lists”

Bushido: Jung Profiles – Special Cards

Events Blow the Man Down – Either this will size your hide or do absolutely nothing, the Size(6) challenge test is fairly easy for your opponent to pass. However, when it does work, you end up with a prone model at your doorstep and interrupt your opponent’s plans. Not the first 2 rice I’d spendContinue reading “Bushido: Jung Profiles – Special Cards”

Bushido: Jung Profiles – Misfits

Samemiman: Finally made it to the sharks! These guys are what sold me on the game and were a great lesson in what not to do in Bushido. Early games were frustrating because they never did what I wanted them to do. Eventually, I learned I had to play how they wanted, I couldn’t makeContinue reading “Bushido: Jung Profiles – Misfits”

Bushido Jung Profiles – Kaizoku

Duri  Duri is as much a cannon as the pistols he carries. Like all kaizoku, he needs some help to get moving reliably. Luckily, most Kancho can offer him some support. Bounty brings him up to 4 dice against important enemies. Yuji can inspire him up to 4 dice (5 stacked with Bounty). Black SailsContinue reading “Bushido Jung Profiles – Kaizoku”